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Last Updated: 3/16/2022 6:27 PM

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 Replace all unit ventilators in the high school, junior high school, and all three elementary schools. 

o    Currently, classrooms are each heated and ventilated by individual unit ventilators. They are beyond their useful life and negatively impact the student learning environment by causing issues with occupant comfort, indoor air quality, and noise levels. Additionally, there are issues related to energy efficiency, reliability, and increased maintenance costs.  

o    This facility improvement opportunity includes replacing all the unit ventilators with new vertical ventilation systems.  This system will provide adequate ventilation to classrooms, individual space temperature control, and improve energy efficiency and classroom acoustics. 

o    Updating the heating and ventilating systems will also incorporate upgraded digital controls and an energy management system. 

o    Air conditioning will be added to the junior high school media center. 


Replacement of mechanical systems that have outlived their useful life will be replaced at all schools. 

o    Boilers at the Jr. High School and Yale Elementary 

o    Domestic hot water heaters 

o    Replacement of rooftop heating and ventilating units 

o    Upgrades to air filtering systems 


Electrical systems will be upgraded to accommodate current technology and power needs.   


o    The electric distribution systems are original to building construction and are past their life expectancy. (Except at the high school) 

o    This upgrade will meet NEC (National Electrical Code) standards and be designed for electrical loads needed for electronics used in 21st century educational programming. 

o    The main electrical building service supporting the junior high school will require replacement as a part of this project. 

o    Replacement and upgrading of public announcement systems (all buildings) 

o    Replacement and upgrading of central clock systems (all buildings) 

o    Replacement and upgrading of fire alarm systems (all buildings) 


 Installation of new LED light fixtures in the Jr. High School 

o    This facility improvement opportunity includes installing new LED fixtures and lighting controls.  LED fixtures are optimized to provide the best lighting for the learning environment as well as reduced operating and maintenance costs. 

o    This will address concerns with existing electrical wiring in the junior high school. 


New roof will be installed at the junior high school. 


Classroom modernization at the junior high school. 

o    The junior high school has many classroom features that are near the end of their useful life and requiring replacement or upgrading, including:

       Flooring replacement (carpet and tile) (some to replace older flooring with asbestos) 

       Replacement of ceiling tile (in conjunction with LED lighting upgrades) 

       Replacement of interior doors 

       Replacement of classroom casework


Student Achievement 

Students perform best when they have a great teacher, proper technology and resources, do not have external distractions, and are in a comfortable environment. Upgrading systems to include consistent temperature and ventilation, high quality lighting, and the electrical systems required for modern technology all promote increases in academic achievement. 

Healthy Environments 

With the advances in technology, improved air quality can result in students being more present – physically and emotionally. Healthy environments help to minimize absenteeism due to illness and add significantly to engagement and presence. Replacing original HVAC equipment in all our schools will provide the fresh air circulation, filtering, and temperature control that the current equipment is not able to do. 

Fiscal Responsibility – Protecting our community assets 

 Like our homes, routine replacement and upgrading of building systems and infrastructure helps protect our investment. Most of our buildings are over 50 years old and still have original systems that need replacement or upgrading. Costs are always higher when there are system failures needing emergency replacement. Many of the proposed upgrades provide energy efficiency which reduces building operating costs and frees money for student and staff needs. Responsible planning allows this work to be completed with no increase in tax impact from the current amount. 



  •         November 2020 –    

o    Building assessments (engineering and architectural) 

o    Staff surveys 

  •         January 2021 –  

o    Review assessments and surveys with Board of Education Facility Committee 

  •         February 2021 –  

o    Meetings with department heads 

o    Developed ideas and opportunities 

  •         March 2021 –  

o    CO2 mapping/logging (kids fully back in school) 

o    Additional considerations 

o    Continued developing ideas and opportunities 

  •         April 2021 –  

o    Comprehensive Assessment Review with Board of Education Facilities Committee 

o    Review facility improvement options 

o    Review of ROM (rough order of magnitude) budget options 

o    Review of potential savings 

  •         May 2021 –  

o    Board of Education Facilities Committee workshopping 

o    Prioritization development 

o    Scope and funding identification 

  •         June 2021 –  

o    Project and cost review with State of MI Department of Treasury 

  •         August 2021 –  

o    Board passes resolution to proceed with bond initiative for November 2021 

  •         November 2021 –  

o    One-question bond initiative is presented to voters 

  •         Summer of 2022 –  

o    Project construction begins (tentative estimate)


Kurt Sutton – Superintendent


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