Blue Ribbon

Forward-Thinking Engaged Invested

Avoca Elementary School is committed to preparing all students for continued educational and lifelong success.  Avoca Elementary staff will provide a positive school atmosphere, quality education and an equal opportunity to learn.  All students will be encouraged to meet their maximum level of intellectual, physical and social growth.  We recognize the importance of school, family and community working together to create a safe, supportive and innovative learning environment.

We believe:
•    Parent participation enhances high expectations, student motivation and achievement. 
•    All students can learn and achieve in a safe, disciplined environment in which they feel trusted, supported and have a sense of belonging.
•    Good self-esteem is vital for maximum academic achievement.
•    Students can rise to the level of the expectation of the classroom/school.
•    Schools should be organized to meet the needs and interests of students.
•    Students learn best when they are actively engaged in meaningful and challenging work, integrating technology where appropriate.
•    Teachers should create/design challenging and engaging activities for students and lead/encourage/motivate them in those activities.

Avoca Elementary embodies these beliefs through teaching the whole student, rewarding positive behavior and strong work ethics, involving students in challenging learning tasks and setting high achievement goals. Parents are welcomed and encouraged into the building for learning and social activities.

Avoca Elementary takes pride in our Spring 2016 M-STEP scores.  Our school scores, for all subject areas, are well above state proficiency averages and above county averages in all areas. Avoca Elementary was ranked overall #2 out of the 28 schools within St. Clair County. The staff will continue to look at ways of improving instruction and interventions in the content area of writing (MAISA) and Common Core Math (Math Expressions).  To increase our scores in all content areas, we have incorporated journaling, differentiated instruction and an increased focus on vocabulary.  In an effort to close our existing "top to bottom" gap, we will also continue an increased focus on our students who scored within the "Bottom 30%" range.